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Being web-rookies just learning to do some simple html, we are happy to having been capable to edit this small page on which we show our friends and visitors a couple of our favorite last years´ pictures.

In 1998 we did two main things which originally were neither planned nor deliberated for very long. First we were encouraged by a German TV report to visit the Hudson Bay polar bears for a couple of days at Churchill, Manitoba, which introduces itself as „The Polar Bear Capital of the World“.

Having booked two of the last vacancies with Tundra Buggy Tours, the only company that provides multi-day overnite stays out in the arctic tundra amongst the bears, we decided to relax from the rough arctic temperatures in milder realms and turn to the Sunshine-State of Florida. Studying the North American map, the idea about our second personal „gig“ came up: no, it was not Florida, it was ... but why not look by yourselves?


Holger & Mona

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